Your Hair Color is Now Your New Makeup!


Makeup trends now inspire hair trends! Do you want to learn these trends?

Hair trends have a lot of similarities with makeup trends lately. We can see many makeup trends in hair, from nude tones, vivid tones and strobing techniques. Now that hairdressers can use many hair dyes and techniques like makeup artists, we can easily reach every look we want.

So, which of the hair trends this year look like makeup trends? Here are the trends that will mark this year and resemble makeup!

1.Flash Contouring

No one knows the contour makeup anymore! Tanning powder is applied to certain areas of the face, and lightening is applied to certain areas and facial contours are emphasized. This flash technique was inspired by the “flash contouring” technique. The shape of the face is clarified with the baling and shading processes.

2.Vivid Ombré

Ombré lipstick trend in vivid tones was one of the makeup trends that marked last year. Now, in vibrant tones, ombrés are passing on our hair! You can try the “vivid ombré” hair trend by applying a long-lasting, dye-free hair dye to the hair roots, even in difficult conditions, and choosing the red tones that open towards the ends of the hair.

3.Pastel Shades

Pastel shades are everywhere! After the makeup trends in which pastel pink, blue, lilac and green tones fly in the air, now it is in the hair! Pastel shades are not only good for blondes, but also for brown hair.

4.Rose gold

We also used the rose gold tones that we used in accessories first for eye makeup. Now we start using it in our hair color! We recommend that you choose the most suitable shade of rose gold hair color with soft reflections with your hairdresser.

5.Brown Shades

Brown tones with brown lipsticks and brown smoky eye makeups are at the top of the makeup trends! Just like in makeup, hair tones come to the fore now!


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