Which ponytail style suits your face shape?


We love the ponytail hairstyle! Well, do you know what style of ponytail suits your face?

We have come to hot seasons with semi-bulk hair, braided hair styles and of course ponytail hairstyles! From these practical hairstyles, especially ponytail works very well in hot weather. Well, have you heard that some horsetail styles look more harmonious on different facial features?

It does not matter whether it is a round, oval or square face, how about finding the ponytail that suits your face immediately?

Square face shape

To add a softer look to the square-shaped square face shape, a ponytail gathered around the nape is an ideal choice. After creating the ponytail, you can get a few bruises in the front part of your hair and release a bit of a wild look.

Round face shape

Since it is a hair style that highlights the face shape, you can try a messy-looking ponytail instead of a taut ponytail. Whether it’s high or low, you can create a nice look with messy ponytail.

Oval face shape

Of course, every model of ponytail hairstyle suits the oval face shape that every haircut suits! So if you have oval face contours, you can try any ponytail model you want!


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