Which Men Suit for Undercut Haircuts?


Which of the Undercut haircut styles is right for you?

Undercut haircut, which has been popular since last year, has been used frequently in street styles as well as in the world of celebrities. So if you want to use this hair trend too, which of the undercut hair styles should you use? You can find the answer to this question in the rest of our article!

Who should choose undercut haircuts?

If you want to cut your hair number 3 but still can’t give up your long hair, this hairstyle is for you! You can choose a undercut style with a shaved side and a longer top and top.

Since it is suitable for every face shape, anyone can use undercut haircuts. However, we do not recommend using only men with hair loss because you should use short hairstyles instead, as the sparse parts of your hair will become more visible.

Now, which undercut style you prefer is entirely up to you! Let’s see which of the following styles will you like the most?

Knob Undercut Style

“I extended my hair so much, why should I cut my hairs?” If you think, you can only cut the side and nape of your long hair number 3. So you have undercut style when you collect your hair and long hair when you release it. So two birds with one stone!

Short Undercut Style

If you couldn’t grow your hair long enough or just want to choose a short style, you can choose the short style from undercut hairstyles. Again, you can cut your hair so that the sides of the hair are shaved and the upper parts are a little longer.

Back Combed Undercut

In this undercut style, where the side and nape parts are shaved, the front and top are long, you can style your long hair by combing it back. You can apply styling cream to keep the parts you shape steady.

Side-Separated Undercut Haircut

In this undercut style, where the front part of the hair is long, the upper part is shorter and the side part is shaved, the appearance that appears when you shape the front part of your hair to the side is really attractive!


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