When it comes to dark brown hair, our inspiration is Irina Shayk


Get inspired by Irina Shayk for dark brown hair.

Successful actress Irina Shayk continues to inspire us with both her makeup style and hair. Irina, who has not changed her dark brown hair for years, enjoys natural-looking hair lovers with this look. Naturally colored hair, one of the biggest trends of 2020, will obviously be discussed for many years.

Dark brown hair

Although Irina Shayk changes her hair color and style for certain projects, she cannot give up brown hair. If you are like wheat, like Irina, you can get a very sophisticated and natural look with dark brown hair. You will look more lively and energetic with this color that you will use in the summer. For those who are just starting to dye their hair, for those who do not dare with different colors, a dark brown cut out robe!

Curly hair

Irina Shayk went to the camera for the photo shoot. Looking pretty attractive with her dark lips, smoky eye makeup and curly hair, Irina offers an ideal invitation look. You can choose this style for summer invitations that you will be attending in the near future. We strongly recommend that you spray the heat protectant spray before curling your hair. Then you can start curling your hair under 4-5 fingers from the bottom of the hair. After curling all your hair, comb your curly hair with your fingers for a more natural look. Here you are ready!


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