What is hair shading? Suitable for whom?


What you need to know about hair shading technique!

If you follow the celebrities’ hair on social media right away, you definitely heard the shade fashion in the hair! Instead of all tufts like bales, instead of different tufts, but rather light colors like bales, a few tones lighter or darker shades are used than the basic hair color. Shadowing the hair highlights our facial hats and emphasizes the contours of the face. Of course, bonuses!

You can consider shading your hair by choosing a brighter and different hair color without changing the hair color completely. So, how to make shaded hair suitable for shaded hair? We explain what they do about hair shading.

What is hair shading?

Hair shading is the process of dyeing some clumps in a few shades of light or a few shades of hair color. The colors for the hair shading process are different from the basic color of the hair. For shade treatment, the colors suitable for the basic color of your hair should be chosen. The difference of shady hair from the ombre technique; Under the shade process, look for the tip under the pinch. It is not only applied to the length of hair like ombre.

Who is hair shading suitable for?

Hair shading process, you want to examine your hair and add vitality, but those who do not want to dye their hair in a completely different color, choose the hair shading technique. The shading technique that you will complain that your hair looks pale will add movement to your hair.

Which shade should I choose?


In winter, you should make your hair darker and choose lighter colors to make your type of hair brighter. For dark hair, caramel, honey color and nut shell colors are suitable for shading process.

Thanks to the golden glitters in these colors, it adds a lively and bright air to the hair. To make your hair look shiny and healthy, you should never forget to use shampoo with natural ingredients.


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