What habits do you dry your hair without knowing?


Are you ready to learn these habits that cause your hair to dry out?

Maybe dryness, which is one of the most complained hair problems… Many of us complain that our hair is dull, hard, dry and lifeless. But we skip some important steps that cause this situation: our habits!

We have put together the most common habits that cause dry, damaged hair. Maybe you also have these habits without realizing this!

Use of hair dryer, tongs, straightener

Styling tools such as hair straighteners, tongs and hair dryers can change the look of your hair, make your hair easier to shape, but unfortunately hair is dangerous for your health.

The frequency of use of these tools is also very important. If you wash your hair, dry it, blow dry and apply a curling iron and repeat these processes all the time, we should say that this is the main reason for the dryness of your hair.

Using the wrong shampoos

Have you ever used the same shampoo since you knew yourself? With your hair getting so dry, don’t you think it’s time to change this shampoo? We have to say that foaming, washing her hair with normal shampoos causes her hair to dry even more…

Sulfate, which is found in foaming shampoos and causes your hair to dry, is actually one of the main reasons that dry your hair… So you have been using the wrong shampoo for dry hair for a long time. We know that he thinks, “Shampoo would be without foam”, but we should say that the foamless cream shampoos also gently cleanse and purify the hair and care and nourish the hair.

Washing hair with hot water

Do you wash your hair with hot water regardless of summer or winter? Some of us even think that they cannot be cleaned enough when they can not wash their hair with hot water and they have made it a habit! Washing hair with hot water can cause your hair to dry too much or even irritate the scalp.

Can you think of the damage done to your hair while the red water is getting red even when it touches our body? Almost all the moisture in your hair is gone and you can have dry hair like corn tassel! That’s why you should get rid of this habit as soon as possible and get used to washing your hair with warm water.

Not moistening your hair enough

After shampooing, you do not use anything and only shampoo your hair and do not provide the moisture that your hair needs. For this reason, you should definitely use products that moisturize your hair.

Using the wrong combs

Are you using the same combs to comb your hair after bathing or styling in the morning? Or your favorite plastic-toothed comb? Then we can say the reason why the ends of your hair are cutlery and dry.

Trying to open the tangles in your wet hair with these combs, shaping it is one of the worst things you can do for your hair strands … You should wait for it to dry instead of combing your hair when wet, or use a wide toothed comb or a hair brush with soft bristles if your hair is too thick. You should also take care to use combs suitable for your hair type.


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