We Prevent Our Dry Hair from Further Damage!


After that, the care routine of dry and damaged hair is changing!

If the hair is excessively dry and worn too much, even the slightest comb blow can cause it to be broken and damaged immediately. Unfortunately, if your hair is so sensitive and worn and you continue to wash your hair with foaming shampoos on it, unfortunately we should give you the bad news: Your hair will become even more dry!

Fortunately, we have great news after this flash news: don’t worry, your hair will be back to its original state! 🙂 If you are wondering how to return, let’s take you to our article.

Goodbye foam!

We are sure that the foam will damage the dry and damaged hair, which you often hear from us. We still want to repeat. The foam causes abrasion and drying of the hair that is too dry, damaged and damaged!

For this reason, instead of using foaming shampoos, you should turn to cream shampoos with light, soft texture. With the cream shampoos, the hair is gently cleaned, it starts to nourish and shine, and it regains its former softness.

We can say that foamless cream shampoos are suitable for hardened, dried, worn and treated burnt hair. It is ideal for hair that is worn from chlorine, sea salt and sun rays especially after summer months! If you want shine and soft hair for the new season, you should definitely give it a chance.

Do a foaming massage!


When applying the cream shampoo on your hair, you shouldn’t rub it like foaming. Instead, you should massage your scalp and hair with gentle movements. After applying it by massage, you should rinse well. Your hair will be combed straight after the bath, you may even notice that your hair is flowing through the comb.

After that, do a foaming massage for your dry hair, reach beautiful hair! 🙂


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