Top 5 mistakes made by dyed hair


If your hair is dyed, you can learn from our article which are these errors.

If the hair has already been tinted, you already know that dyed hair needs extra care. Dyed hair, which looks pretty cool, can lead to bad results if not properly cared for. What are these results? Broken hair ends, dry hair strands, a pale color…

For exactly these reasons, you need to be very careful with hair care. If you have dyed hair, make sure you will not repeat these 5 mistakes you have probably made again.

1. Not using special shampoos for dyed hair

There is a reason why special shampoos are sold for dyed hair! Hair care products for dyed hair increase the permanence and brightness of the hair color. This is very important for those who have dyed hair. If you want your hair to shine like the day you first dyed, you should definitely add special products to dyed hair to your hair care routine.

2. Not using products that protect hair from heat

If you are using heat-styling tools such as dryers, straighteners or tongs, you should make sure that it protects your hair from heat. Leave-in hair care products help protect your hair from heat. Otherwise, the heat may cause your hair to dry out and the hair color to fade.

3. Not protecting against sun rays

We should protect our skin against the sun, as we protect our skin, especially during these summer months. At this point, you can benefit from hair care products with UV filters. You can apply the rinse-free hair care spray with UV filter on your hair before leaving the house. You can even protect your hair with a hat that you can wear when you need to stay under the sun for a long time.

4. Not taking protection against chlorine and sea salt

Hair color can be damaged and dull from the chlorine of the pool and sea salt. For this reason, we recommend that you definitely rinse your hair with clean water after leaving the sea and the pool. You can prevent damage to the hair color by applying care oil or rinse conditioner on all your hair before entering the sea and pool.

5.Washing the hair with hot water

The particles in the water already leave effects such as fading and dullness in the hair color; and if you wash it with hot water, you can damage the hair color even more. For this reason, you should always wash your hair with warm or even cold water.


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