The best kind of haircut for round faces 2019

The best kind of haircut for round faces
The best kind of haircut for round faces

Round faces might be really difficult to style and your main focus is to hide your cheeks with your hair so that they do not look too plump. This means that there is not much to style on round faces. Women with round faces do not need to worry as there are some best haircuts for round faces.

The asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical Bob looks really good on a round face. Cut your hair in a shaggy wave style along with a side parting. This is a great Bob style that works real wonders on your perfect round face. This kind of a haircut is worn by Jennifer Lawrence and you can see to her for inspiration if you have a really round face.

The Fauxhawk style

The best haircuts for round faces are the ones that makes your face look a bit elongated and adds height to the same. If you have a round face and short hair, try out the new Fauxhawk style on a cute pixie style hair with just a bit of a hair gel and a comb. This hairstyle will work wonders on your hair.

Long straight hair

If you have long and straight hair, then you can try out a long and sleek haircut. This hairstyle frames the face well without adding volume. A round face does not have much length and thus a long and sleek haircut looks good on a round face. This haircut not only tricks the eye but also makes your face look elongated and defined. This is a great hairstyle for long hair as volume can also be added to the same



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