Teen Hairstyle Ideas – Selena Gomez Trendy Haircut Style 2020-2021 

Teen Hairstyle Ideas – Selena Gomez Trendy Haircut Style
selena gomez short haircut style

Teen Hairstyle Ideas – Selena Gomez Trendy Haircut Style

Selena Gomez Trendy Haircut Style, Fashion is not limited to the adults, and even teens are looking to their icons for some stylish tips. Selena Gomez is one such icon, and she is eyed from head to toe. If you want the signature Selena Gomez hairstyle you can create it all by yourself.

Selena Gomez Casual Hairstyle

The Selena Gomez hairstyle in question is the one she wore to the Teen Choice awards. The length was just past the shoulders, and featured a blend of medium and long layers to add volume throughout the do.

The layers on the side are great for complimenting any face shape. The best part is you can wear this style to practically any occasion. To create it, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps.

Selena Gomez Formal Hairstyle Idea

Once you have washed your hair, apply some styling mousse, which will help the style stay in. Part your hair to the right, and use the position of the middle of your eye to get the position for your path. To blow-dry, use a large size radial brush as it will give you that extra volume.

Blow the hair as normal, but flick out the ends. You can use a large size curling iron to get the curls right. Be sure to only curl to the mid-lengths though. For some more volume you can lift the roots by using a bit of wax. To maintain the style add some hairspray. There you have it. This styling procedure will leave you with a Selena Gomez hairstyle guaranteed to turn heads.

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