Solution Suggestions for Oily Hair which the Largest Hair Problem


Oily, heavy hair! These suggestions are for you!

Welcome to the club if you have to wash your hair almost every day now, even if you sometimes wash your hair twice a day! Oily, heavy hair is the nightmare of many of us! This problem may arise from time to time, in seasonal transitions, hormonal conditions or when we use some products that disrupt the oil balance in our scalp. When it comes out, we can’t get ourselves from feeling like our hair is not always clean. It becomes heavy and extinguished immediately! You are in the right place for a solution to oily hair.

When we take a look at the solution suggestions for oily hair, we also encounter suggestions such as using dry shampoo and pouring talc powder to the hair. However, powder can prevent the scalp from breathing, blocking the hair follicles. For this reason, instead of such suggestions, you can take a look at our recommendations that we have tried in our hair care routine.

Why does hair oiling?

The oil glands in our hair roots provide the softness and elasticity of our hair. But for some reason, the excess amount of oil produced can cause a shiny and greasy appearance on our hair. Especially during adolescence, our bodies look more oily and therefore shiny because our body releases more fat.

Environmental factors

The reasons for hair oiling are excessive sweating during the day, air pollution and being in smoking areas. Healthy life, drinking plenty of water, taking vitamin B will reduce the lubrication of your hair.

How to prevent hair oiling?

If you are wondering how hair greasing goes, you should pay attention to your lifestyle. After paying attention to your lifestyle and the products you use, you can say goodbye to the problem of excessive greasiness in your hair! Preventing oily hair can seem difficult, but we are sure it will succeed.


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