Short hairstyles for wavy hair

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Enjoy short hairstyles! If you want to enter the new season with a new hairstyle, how about getting your hair cut a little – maybe more? If you have wavy hair, make sure short hair will look great on you.

We have determined short haircuts for wavy hair and hairstyles for wavy hair. Thanks to the wavy hair styling tips, you will be able to style your new hair much more easily. Those who want a brand new look in their hair and cannot decide the hairstyle yet!

Haircuts that suit wavy short hair

Pixie cut


We find pixie cut hairstyles very modern and cool. You can cut your wavy hair in pixie model by taking a bold step. The asymmetrical pixie cut allows the hair to be shaped very easily as it controls the frizz of the wavy hair. If you want to cut your hair ultra short, pixie cut should be your first choice.

Round bob

Round bob hairstyle suits especially women with angular facial contours. The round bob is the name given to the haircut where the hair in front is shorter and the back hair is longer. After making a round bob cut, you should use the mousse to make wavy short hair and to make the waves clear.
Short bob cut


In the classic bob haircut, the hair usually ends at the level of the neck. Short bob cut is called models with hair on the ear and on the ear. Short bob hair, which is a cut we love among wavy short hairstyles, suits especially round faces. Short wavy asymmetrical hairstyles are created just for the short bob!

Forelock cut

You already have short hair, but if you still want change, how about cutting a forelock? We love short hair forelock compatibility! If you have wavy hair, you can choose the scattered forelock style for wavy hair. For wavy hair, bangs suggests blunt and messy style bangs.

Long hair at the front and short at the back

Asymmetrical haircut is undoubtedly the most preferred hairstyle in short hairstyles for wavy hair. The hairstyle, which has long front and shorter back hair, is one of the youngest and freshest hairstyles we have ever seen.



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