Ponytail: Hairstyle that can be used 7 days a week


Let’s see what style of ponytail will be your favorite?

We love the ponytail hairstyle that is timeless and we can use at all times. If we had the chance to choose a single hairstyle seven days a week, our choice could even be ponytail! This hairstyle is never out of fashion, you can look flawless with this hairstyle day or night. We have also listed the horsetail styles that you can use seven days a week, let’s see what’s your favorite.

Ponytail hairstyles

For a syndrome-free Monday: Cool ponytail

You can try the cool ponytail style to get rid of the Monday syndrome. We are sure with this hairstyle that you will look great! You can also consider the contours in the choice of ponytail style. If you have a square face shape, you should use ponytail on the nape. Oval faces should prefer high ponytail.

Special for meetings: Fluffy ponytail

On weekdays; You can try a slightly fluffy ponytail style while attending meetings, various meetings. You can achieve this look by making a crepe before collecting your hair and using a volumizing hair spray. You can also have a more professional look by hiding the hair rubber with a thin hairpin.

For post-business meetings: Low ponytail

Ponytail is not just a hairstyle that suits long hair. If you have short or medium hair, you can look pretty cool with the ponytail hairstyle. You can also choose the low ponnytail model when you go to meet your friends after work. So you can catch both classic and fun style.

Special high ponytail for Friday night

Our favorite part of ponytail is that it’s pretty easy. For example, if you have fun plans for Friday night, you can give a high ponytail hairstyle that suits hair in brown tones as well! Throw your hair forward, then comb your hair up by combing it up from the nape. If the ends of your hair look lifeless and pale after making the ponytail, you can use hair care oils. Hair care oils will instantly give your hair a shine and reduce their frizz. Here you are ready for Friday night!

Braided ponytail suitable for the weekend

Whether you are going out of town, going shopping, or spending time with your friends at the weekend; in any case you can look very cool. For example, you can combine the ponytail hairstyle with braids. By combining the two trends of the season, we are sure that you will get a very, very cool hairstyle. You can get a more bulky ponytail by loosening your braids after gathering your hair. Let’s not go without saying that this hairstyle suits especially blond hair!



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