Long men’s hairstyles that will be the trend for 2020


If you need a renewal for a long time, you can start with your hair. The most prominent style of 2020’s men’s hairstyles is their long hairstyles. However, to try these long hairstyles, you need to grow your hair a little bit. If you are trying to grow your hair, you can be inspired by the long hairstyles that I will recommend to you soon after your hair grows.

Here are the long hair and beard models that will be very popular in 2020!

The man bun, which has been going on since last year, is also very trendy this year! Especially when used with a dirty beard, it looks very cool. If you want to try this style for your long hair, you need to tie all your hair at the back of your head and fix it with a rubber buckle.

2.Natural waves

Natural views are one of the most remarkable trends of 2020! You can get a natural, messy look by applying styling foam if your hair is straight.

3.Long mohawk

The mohawk hair, which is only one side long, is getting longer this year! Even the long side is used in styles such as braid, an original look is obtained.

4.The messy ponytail

You can make a nice look by completing the scattered ponytail style you can prefer especially in weekend styles with your sunglasses.

5.Half ponytail

As we understand it, every version of the ponytail is very trendy this year! This hairstyle, which you can get by just collect the top part of your hair and fixing it with a rubber buckle, is just for the hipster!


Undercut hair can use not only short hair, but also long hair. For example, when you use the nape and sides of your hair very short, and use the upper parts for a long time and gather them as in the photo above, a very original look will appear.

7. Straight hair

The rock star hair of the 90s is back! Straight, long hair is pretty trendy this season. Even if you want to take this hair look one step further, you can dye all your hair in a hair color like gray, platinum blonde or white and get a marginal look.


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