Long Hairstyles and Haircuts Advice 2020-2021 

Long Hairstyles and Haircuts Advice 2018
Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles and Haircuts Advice 2020-2021 

Most men find women with long hair simply irresistible. There is something about long hairstyles that makes a woman look feminine, dainty and beautiful. The advantage with having long hair is that you can have a different hairstyle every day if you so want. At the same time you could wear your hair open and still look stunningly glamorous. All long hairstyles look elegant and appealing.

Long Hairstyles for Women 2019 Long Haircuts for Girls

There are a million and one ways to style your hair at home without the need to visit a saloon such as multiple braids, single braid, pony tail, and so on. You could also curl and wave your hair with the help of curlers and hot iron to give you an amazing look in less than 20-30 minutes. If your hair is already curly you could apply wet look gel for a fresh-from-bath sedu look.

Easy To Do Long Hairstyles Tips

Ask women who love long hair usually prefer it think and luscious. However, the best would be to have medium thick hair as this can be maintained and styled with ease right at home. Both thick and thin type hair need special care and therefore referral to a saloon every now and then would be a pre-requisite.

Assuming that you are not inclined to spend too much of your time and money in a hair styling saloon, here are some easy-to-do tips to manage and style your hair at home.

Long Hairstyles for Women 2019 Long Haircuts for Girls

1. Dry clean your hair – women with long hair know how important it is to keep the hair clean and shiny. This requires periodic shampoo and conditioning treatments; minimum twice a week. Sometime, when time or weather does not permit you to wash your hair, you could dry clean your hair with this simple method.

Take any power and dust it lightly on your hair. Take care that you do not put too much so it does not coat your scalp. Once your hair is totally (lightly) coated with talcum powder go through the motion of “washing” your hair.

Put your head down so the powder can easily fall off. The powder would absorb the oiliness and dirt that was on your hair leaving your hair looking as if it was freshly shampooed. A word of warning – this process would postpone your washing schedule by maximum three days.

easy hairstyles
easy hairstyles for long hair to do yourself 2019

2. Get long-lasting curls while sleeping – avoid at all costs electric rollers as this damages the texture of the hair by drying it up. For long lasting wavy long hairstyles, take large rollers and roll them on your hair half way through.

Wrap everything up under a large scarf and sleep on it. It will take sometime for you to learn to arrange the rollers in such a way that your sleep is not disturbed. In the morning (it should be for not less than 5 hours) you open it up and run your fingers through the hair.

easy hairstyles
easy hairstyles for long hair to do yourself

3. Long luscious hair needs protection – long hairstyles require healthy, bouncy and shiny hair and for that you need to protect it from being dried up and damaged by the sun. While your skin gets protected by sunscreen lotions, hair has no such advantage.

Therefore, avoid at all cost exposing your hair to direct sun rays (especially between 11 AM and 3 PM). Cover head with a scarf if necessary.

hairstyles tips
easy to do long hairstyles tips


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