Short Layered Hair for Winter 2019

Short Layered Hair for Winter 2018
Short Layered Hair for Winter 2018

The popularity of short hairstyles goes on unabated and will most probably continue all the way to winter of 2019. If you’re still on the lookout for a new hairstyle for a total makeover during the cold winter months why not try a layered short haircut. This kind of hairstyle will look great on almost all facial shapes and is a fantastic hairstyle that will enhance and highlight any facial feature.

Layered short hairstyles add thickness, volume and movement to the hair. For women with lusterless and unexciting hair, having hair layered and cut short will give it new life and excitement. another reason for the popularity of short layered hair is its versatility and easy manageability. It can be styled in so many different ways without using too much hair products and without spending too much time on it.

Styling layered short haircuts for winter 2019 is easy and will depend on a girl’s personal preference. Layers can be just at the ends or bottom part of the hair or layers can be created all over the hair starting from the bangs all the way to the sides and back. It can be cut with short layers all over or layers can be short at the back and long on the crown and sides.

For women with thick and unmanageable hair, layered short haircut will thin out the hair making it more manageable while adding texture and movement to it. A layered short haircut is a better alternative to a short blunt bob for thick hair. But it can be short layered pixie, a swinging short layered bob and even a messy or tousled layered short hairstyle.

Another way to get all the guy’s attention is to rock a layered short haircut for winter 2019 colored or highlighted with the season’s most trendy hair colors. Browns, reds, and blondes are still the most popular hair colors but having highlights in several shades or even several colors will truly make you stand out. Highlights are shown to its best advantage in layered short hair.

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