Keep up with the New Hair Trend with DNA Braids!


Are you ready to meet DNA hair braids?

If you follow the latest hair trends, you have seen how popular DNA braids are. DNA braids are made up of fine hair tufts that intertwine just like a DNA helix. Although this hairstyle, which can be made by medium and long hair, seems difficult at first glance, be sure it becomes easier after the second attempt.

Before we start with the DNA braid, let’s give you a little hint. Straighten your hair first. Then start braid, so your hair will become less tangled and you can work easier. If you wish, do it on your friend’s hair first, then start experimenting with your own hair.

What is the DNA braid trend?

The DNA braid trend emerges by combining and braiding hair grips that resemble a DNA helix. DNA weave trend is made from thin hair tufts; therefore, the thicker and stranded your hair is, the fuller the DNA braid looks.

If you can easily make mixed weaves and create different weave patterns in your friends’ hair, it will be very easy for you to create DNA braids. Beginners to knitting models should do some practice for DNA knitting, then they can start professional work.

How is the DNA braids trend done?

Straighten your hair first for the DNA braid trend. So your hairstyle will look much smoother. Make your hair a tight ponytail first. Divide the ponytail into three equal strands of hair.Then take thin strands of hair from the outside of the strands that you detached and pass them under the middle strand. Do the same for the hair cliff on the other side. The thinner the hair tufts, the more stylish the braid will look. Knit the ponytail from the beginning to the end and fix it with the rubber buckle when the knitting is finished.


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