If you want to get a stylish look in special places like events, check this:


In today’s fashion, in the places such as Christmas and special invitations, your hair does not necessarily have to be a bun. In this content we will learn how to look stylish and beautiful in a few simple steps.

If you want to look a bit sporty and a little chic and do not want to deal with too much at home, you can give your hair a beautiful shape with a few simple steps.

As a first step, curl your hair with the help of a thick hair tong. If you do not have enough thick tong, you can take thick tufts from your hair and wait for a little while to get an image close to the desired result.. Be careful not to burn your hair in this step.

Back-brush the roots of the under-layers of your hair for soft volume.With a suitable brush or comb, comb/brush your hair back without pressing too much and breaking your waves. Fasten your hair behind the ear with a hairpin. With the help of a hair spray you choose according to your hair type, spray your hair. Take care not to leave spray marks in this step. If there is a point that you spray too much, go over it with your existing comb.

If you still want a bun, you can follow these steps as a final touch with the help of a few hairpins, depending on your face type on your neck, behind your head or upward, you can get a messy but stylish bun. Dropping a few strands of hair on your face will also show you both sexy and stylish. As a final touch, place a chic-looking headband in your home near your bun or near the roots of the hair you drop.

Here your hair is ready for the event you will attend. But finally, don’t forget to laugh and enjoy the atmosphere. This will add glamor to your appearence. Have fun.


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