How to Make Waterfall Hair Braiding 2019

How to Make a Waterfall Hair Braiding
easy waterfall braid tutorial

How to Make Waterfall Hair Braiding, Hair making is something that women have done from day to day. Hair is a noble and strong look to women, such as braided hair powder and anything else will not enter the hair for a long time has been a way to use clean.

It is also said that hair braiding also helps prolong hair. Those who can not give up their long hair can use their hair with a shorter appearance by knitting their hair. There are dozens of different forms of knitting, a hairstyle that women and men have done since early ages.

The most beautiful of these is the model of waterfall hairclip with stylish and elegant appearance for day and night use.

You will get more uniform hairclothes from a beauty specialist, hairdresser or a close friend, so it will take longer to break down and you will look very elegant and elegant during this time.

In order to apply your waterfall hairclip pattern to your hair, you need to know the shape of the flat and fishy back weave. Because you will need them in five to three stages of the waterfall hair braid.

Waterfall Hair Braiding

# First split the hair side by side into 3 spines.

# Make some flat knitting. After you knit, put your middle hand to the right. But do not knit.

# Take a pinch of hair from the right side instead of the pinch, and add a knot. Continue knitting by including the left side hair with the fish back knit pattern.

# If the fish is a back rim, it is done by dividing the hair by 3 handles, making the knitting flat, and adding the hair on the sides.

# Make a flat knit with the finishing of the hair on the side and come to the end. Finish the point at the point you want with the last buckle or rubber. If your hair length is longer than the length of your shoulders, this weave will definitely look good on you.

How to Make Waterfall Hair Braiding

How to Make Waterfall Hair Braiding



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