How to Make a Heart Shaped Hair Braid 2019

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How to Make a Heart Shaped Hair Braid, Unlike standard hair designs, which are particularly stylish in girls with long hair, a model in which both you and your daughter will be happy is the hair designs made with hearted knitting models.

Heart Braid Hair Models Usage Area

Your child may be squeezed out of the usual paddle model made every day as he goes to the school. For the sake of innovation you can make hearted knitting models. Or it is complementary to your daughter’s dress during the holidays. It is widely used not only by girls but also by young girls.

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How to Make a Heart Shaped Hair Braid

If you are asking how to make a heart shaped hair braid, it is the first requirement for a knit hair model to be clean, light and damp and smooth.

You can not get a clear weave pattern on raised hair. The darkness of your hair color can also be a disadvantage for these models. The light color will reflect the model with its illuminating feature so the full model is obvious. If only a heart-shaped pattern is made at the back of the hair, the hair should be separated from the hair on both sides.

You should collect them so that the hair does not mix with the rubber. . In order to give a heart figure, you should get hair straight from the center of the head in a line that will be on the right and equal to the left.

Afterwards, one-sided top-to-side knitting should be done by taking small hair bundles. Rotation should be done in the backwards direction so that the top of the ear is 4-5 fingers up.

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heart braided hair modeling
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After the return ear alignment, you should not take any more hair, you should knit your hair straight in your hand. Later on the same process should be repeated on the other side. The important thing to note is that the number of meshes and weaves in the knitting line are equal.

If there is a discrepancy, you will not be able to get a proper heart pattern. After equalizing the two sides, you can combine the two ends in the middle of the hair and collect it with a small hair or pack. Your heart-shaped hairstyle will have emerged.

Heart braided Hair Modeling

You can make many weave models with heart braided hair modeling. This model is often performed as a heart figure on the edge of a young girl who watches the hair band used especially.

For those who like half the hair and love the hair, the heart is made quite different from the one with the thick backs.


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