How Should The Burnt Blonde Hair Care Be?


Our great love for blond hair colors can sometimes cause our hair to fall into bad situations… Our hair can be damaged due to processes, and sometimes it can burn! Here we explain what you need to do to prevent this situation and ensure that your hair has a flawless color!

Why Does Your Hair Look Burned?

First, let’s explain why your hair looks like it is burnt, it looks dry and dull. The bleaching processes applied in order for dark hair colors to reach lighter shades can cause the protective layer on the hair strands to peel off. So the hair looks dry and stiff

Even when regular and attentive hair care is not applied, the hair gets dry more and more. As a result, the hair seems to be burnt. In short, if you do not use the proper care for the hair type and condition of your hair after the opening process, you can cause the damaged hair to be damaged even more and look like it is burnt.

Burnt Blonde Hair Care:

So how should burnt blonde hair care be? It is very important to prevent unwanted hot reflections and orangeizations, which may occur especially after color bleaching processes.

For this reason, the care you use should have the feature that prevents the formation of unwanted reflections by influencing the hair color as well as feeding your hair and making it softer and brighter.

Purple shampoos are indispensable for the care of blonde hair! Purple shampoos, which visually prevent unwanted orange and yellow reflections with the purple pigments it contains, also care for the hair. Since your hair needs moisture and nutrients, you shouldn’t forget to use hair conditioners.

We have said that you need to apply intensive care after dyeing the hair color. The purple hair mask penetrates into the hair strands to prevent unwanted reflections and deeply repairs the hair and strengthens the ends that are prone to breakage.


With its intensely nourishing formula, hair looks much brighter and softer!


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