Great Hairstyles For Round Faces 2020 – 2021

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Great Hairstyles For Round Faces

Generally Round Faces, if the measured length of your face is the same as the width of your face at your cheekbones, you’re considered to have a round face. Your features are likely to have soft features and full, rounded cheeks. There are many hairstyles for round faces, either long or short.

One of the many hairstyles for round faces is long layers.

Make sure that your hair is longer than you chin and have long layers cut into yours hair. Most women have a natural wave to their hair. This takes away from the roundness of the face. It’s best to allow you hair to air dry and scrunch it up as it dries to help it retain some of its natural wave or simply use a large curling iron.

If you have straight, fine hair as it helps to elongate the face. Leave it straight or create waves by curling it around a curling iron. Add depth to this plain and simple style by having it textured so the ends are whimsical and wispy. For an added edge, make sure its cut shorter at the back than at the front. These subtle changes make all the difference to an otherwise boring bob.

Curly hair can be challenging for someone with a round face as it just accentuates the roundness, which is why so many women try to straighten it. Let it grow out so that it’s longer than your chin when dry. Get it cut in layers so that it loses a bit of its thickness and body and doesn’t get to fluffy. A great idea would be to look for a stylist who deals particularly with curly hair. Try taming those wild locks with curling irons and relaxers.

A fantastic and easy way to minimize the fullness of a round face is with long hair, though it’s important that your avoid having it all at one length. Add definition to your face by incorporating come layers around your face. Long layers are extremely flattering on any face shape and are the perfect hairstyle for a round face. Short styles can be tricky for a round face as they create the illusion of adding width to you face. Jaw length bobs are a strict no-no especially if your neck is on the shorter side. Make sure you add a lot of waves and texture as that will draw away from the roundness.

Bangs are another great hairstyle for a round face. Side swept bangs are perfect as they cut the forehead and create the illusion of a narrower face.  Blunt bangs could also do the trick as the most of the forehead and create the illusion of length. Just make sure that the bangs are brow length and not any shorter.

A perfect example of a round face with fantastic hair is Mila Kunis. Her lustrous, long, wavy hair perfectly frames her face and creates the illusion that her face is longer and narrower.

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