Hairstyles Ideas for Women and Men 2020-2021 

Hairstyles Ideas for Women and Men
Hairstyles Ideas for Women and Men

Hairstyles Ideas for Women and Men 2020-2021 

Human hair consists of a protein called keratin. Hair is defined by hair root and stem. The factor determining the color of the hair is pigment melanin. Thanks to this pigment we can see varied hair colors such as brown, black, blond and ginger. For both men and women, hair styles are directly related to the face structure of a person.

There are various styles available for triangular, oval and square-shaped faces. It is important for the person to choose a hair style suitable for his / her face shape and determine a style for the matching model, if he / she desire to achieve the best result in apperance. In case of triangular shaped faces, men should prefer short cuts and voluminous hairs.

In addition to above options, women can also prefer cut in layers. When it comes to hair styling, men and women with oval face types can be safely identified as wildcards. Almost any model of hair, including long, short, plain, wavy, voluminous hairs, bangs or layers is suitable for this face type.  Again, it would be appropriate for people with a square face type to prefer shorter and voluminous hair styles.

Round faced types should choose long, medium length or wavy hairstyles with plenty of volume. In short, suitable models for men and women are available for each face type. However, clean and well-maintained hair is the key factor to find the right hair style. No hair type alone, whether natural wavy, plain or curly, will be enough to achieve a distinctive style unless it is well-groomed.

An Experts’ Help

Undoubtedly, it is imperative to get expert help after a point for both women and men to determine the hairstyles that is desired and suitable for the face type. Hairdressers are the most accurate places to both taking advice, determine the correct hair style and to retain this style in the right format for the desired time.

With the advice of the hairdresser it is possible to maintain a clean, well kept and stylish hair for a long time. Correspondingly, hair care, cleansing and styling products are another helper to determine the right style and exercise due care. Clean and well kept hair is the true and unique style of the individual who cares about his / her appearance.



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