Hair Growing Methods for Men!


Let’s get the hair-growing men here!

Hair extension is one of the most curious topics of men! We have covered this issue today and compiled all we know about how to grow hair fast for men, the tricks of hair extension in men, the stages of men’s hair extensions. If you are ready, we start! 🙂

Are there hair growth shampoos for men?

Many men are looking for hair extension shampoo. First of all, hair extension is not going to happen in 1 week; you should start by learning this. However, by using the right hair care products, you can support your hair growth and ensure healthy growth.

The shampoo we recommend for you should be a shampoo containing castor oil, herbal keratin and vitamins because these oils help hair grow and grow. Normally, when you are at the hair extension stage, there may be problems such as lifelessness, thinning and breaking. These problems do not occur thanks to these oils and you can lengthen your hair without having to have a haircut.

How to grow hair fast in men?

Hair grows up to 1.5 cm per month. Maintenance is essential to ensure that it grows at this pace every month! We know you can’t wait to get the long hair of your dreams, but for this you need to do regular care and be a little patient. 🙂

You can support the rapid growth of your hair with oil-based shampoos mentioned above. When it starts to feed its hair, it looks healthier and the hair growth rate increases as it nourishes.

What should men do during their hair growing?

While men are extending their hair, they often get bored and cut their hair and give up. However, you can style it in different styles to make your hair look cool while you’re at the hair extension stage.

For example, you can style your hair in a messy style. You can get a cool and charismatic look by applying styling foam on your hair after bathing and then distributing your hair with your hands.

Men’s hair extension tips

Start from the top:

If the hair you are trying to grow is too short, we recommend that you start your hair from the top. In men, the sides and back of the hair grow faster than the upper part. To prevent the appearance of a bad look when your hair is in the process of lengthening, we recommend that you first lengthen the top part, and when it grows long enough, we recommend that you begin to extend the sides and back of your hair.
Care about maintenance:
While continuing to grow your hair, we recommend you to support its care with hair care products besides shampoo. For example, you can add products such as conditioner and hair mask to your hair care routine.
Do not forget to pay attention to the diet!
The diet also has a big impact on the hair! If you constantly eat junk food and eat unhealthy, this will be reflected in your hair growth rate. Your hair is supported by the hair care products from the outside and it is fed with the foods you consume from the inside. For this reason, you should consume foods high in protein, vitamins and minerals and pay attention to regular nutrition.

You shouldn’t use hot water!

How hot is the water you wash your hair? Some men are always washed with hot water without saying summer-winter. However, they do not know how harmful hot water is for their hair and scalp. Drying hair also becomes thin, thinner, falls out of power. This affects the hair extension speed. For this reason, you should always be careful to wash your hair with warm water.

You shouldn’t be hitting your hair!

We know that after getting out of the bathroom, it was dried by toweling your hair! 🙂 Did you know that it caused them to thin their hair by weaving? You can get help from a cotton shirt that you do not use instead of dehumidifying with a towel while extending your hair. You can get moisture by pressing your shirt lightly on your hair. Then you can let it dry on its own.


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