Hair Coloring Techniques at Home: 17 Tips for Gorgeous Hair Color

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We like to go to the hairdresser, but there are not periods when we think of our budget. Hair coloring at home, color fastening, hair coloring techniques and more in this article! If you want to reach hair dyed with hairdresser quality, we strongly recommend that you read the rest of our article!

Tricks of hair coloring at home

1.If you have gray hair:

If your hair is gradually turning gray, you can avoid the contrast that occurs by choosing a lighter hair color of 1 or 2 tones than your natural hair color. You can also cover your gray hair by choosing permanent hair dyes that can cover up to 100% whites.

2.Take Precautions

If your hair strands are of thick type or your hair is too long, we recommend you to buy two boxes of hair dye of your choice. For best results, it is very important that the paint is evenly distributed over the entire hair and the hair is saturated with color.

3.When should you paint your hair again:

You can repaint your hair about 2 weeks after you dye your hair. As your hair grows, your natural hair color begins to appear. If you have tried a fairly light or fairly dark hair color from your own hair color, it may not look nice when the bottom dye comes. If you do not want to encounter such a problem, you should definitely choose to choose shades close to your own hair color.

4. Prepare your skin:


You can apply an oily cream on the hairline in a thin layer to prevent your face from getting dyed. However, as one of the things to be avoided while dyeing hair at home, try not to exaggerate this conditioner and grind it into your hair, otherwise the hair dye may not stick to the front parts.

5. What should you do immediately after painting your hair:

One of the most important tricks of dyeing hair at home is what you need to do right after dyeing your hair! When you wash your hair at home, you should definitely use the conditioner that comes out of the hair dye box. We usually throw this conditioner aside after dyeing our hair or remove it for later use. However, these conditioners allow hair dye to hold on to the hair much better and moisten the hair from bottom to tip.

You can soften the hard look formed in the hair especially after dyeing your hair with the help of this cream. After dyeing your hair, after the waiting period is over, rinse thoroughly in the bathroom until clean water flows. Then apply this conditioner to the length and ends of your hair after shampooing. You should wait a little and rinse well. That’s it!

6.Use a timer:

Don’t miss the paint time! If you wash the paint prematurely or after time, you may not be able to match the exact color you want. Therefore, you can wash your hair by following the time written on the paint box from the timer.

7. Use cold water:

After dyeing your hair, you can rinse with cold water to preserve the color. Using the care cream that comes out of the box, you can ensure that the color is sealed on your hair and the moisture trapped in your hair. In addition, we recommend that you shampoo your hair after 24 hours.

8. Make a permanent touch:

After dyeing your hair, you can wash your hair with shampoo specially produced for dyed hair and make the dye more permanent and keep the color. Especially when you wash your hair with UV filter shampoos, you can prevent the hair color from being damaged by the sun. Even our hair color can be damaged due to the waters we wash our hair. For this reason, you should pay attention to the shampoos that you use, which prevent damage to your hair even after washing with hard water.

9. What procedures can you take before you paint your hair:


Before dyeing hair at home, it is okay to have procedures such as perms and haircuts. However, when it performs procedures that offer permanent styling by applying chemicals such as perms, Brazilian blowers, hair color distortions and fluctuations may occur.

10. Can a few hair dyes be mixed:

We do not recommend you to take the risk by mixing a few hair dye, while ombre hair dyeing is difficult enough at home, from color fixing and hair tip dyeing models at home.

However, you can follow a path like this: you can apply the hair dye you want to mix from the back of your hair to a tiny handle and check how it looks. If there is a result you like, you can apply the same color to your entire hair. You can even consult a hairdresser you trust. You can explain how you can make hair dyes to your hairdresser and learn how.

11.How can you hide whites when you need a dye paint:

You dyed your hair at home and made your color very beautiful. However, as we have just mentioned, a few weeks later, the white hair began to grow from the bottom. You do not have the opportunity to paint a bottom paint … What should we do now? At least we have a great suggestion to handle you until you paint the bottom.

Apply the spray of the same tone as your hair color on the top of the white hair and let the whites close instantly! You can use these practical sprays until you paint bottom, you can look perfect!

12. Is paint applied to the worn hair:

You have decided to change hair color, dye hair at home, but does your hair look quite worn, dry? If this wear is too much, if your hair seems to be burnt, you should not dye your hair until you treat it. But if your hair does not look too worn out, only if your hair ends look dry, broken, we recommend using hair dyes with nourishing formula creams.

When you use these care creams containing nutritious oils, you can make them look healthier if you care after dyeing.

13.How permanent is the hair dye:

As a recommendation to those who will dye the hair for the first time, we should say: permanence in hair dyes differs from dye to dye, from the chosen color to color. There are 3 types of hair dye that are permanent, semi-permanent and temporary. Permanent hair dyes stay in your hair until your hair grows completely, covering all the hair of your own hair color from the bottom.

Semi-permanent hair dyes generally vary depending on the frequency of shampooing the hair. In other words, if you wash your hair very often after dyeing with semi-permanent hair dyes, it can be permanent for 1 month, if you wash less, for 2 months.

Temporary hair dyes, which are in the form of spray, can provide the first shampoo, while those in the form of dye can last for 2-3 days.

14. Make an allergy test:

We recommend you to make an allergy test to find out if you are allergic to the hair dye you use before dyeing your hair at home. You can do the allergy test as follows: 1 day before dyeing your hair, apply a little amount of hair dye to the back of your neck or back of your ear with your fingertip. If there is no problem the next day, if there is no problem such as redness, itching and blistering on your skin, you can apply the paint to your hair.

15.To remove paint traces on skin :


After dyeing your hair, you can follow a way to clean the traces of paint on the hairline, forehead and neck: as soon as the dyeing is finished, you can act quickly and clean your skin with a wet wipe. Another way is to gently wipe with an oil-containing skin care cream and cotton after dyeing your hair. This way, you can also remove paint residue.

16. Choose the right product

You should thoroughly research the hair dyes you see in the beauty markets and buy the most suitable for you. If you have whites in your hair, you should take the dye that has a white covering feature. The paint purchase stage is very important and critical, so you should thoroughly research and throw the best paint into the shopping cart. If your hair looks lifeless, you should definitely use royal jelly or hair dyes that contain natural oils. Thanks to these dyes, your hair is nourished and gets a wonderful bright color!

17. Use of hair coloring brush


Hair coloring brush coming out of the paint box will be enough for you. However, your grip is very important. You should hold the brush with your thumb and forefinger and distribute the hair dye evenly over your entire hair, in horizontal and vertical movements.


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