Hair Care Routine


Everyone has their own hair structure, time for hair and needs of their hair. However, there are some common steps for all of us. These common steps will play an important role in building your basic hair care routine.

You can start using a shampoo and conditioner suitable for your hair structure. Check if the shampoo in your home really suits your hair structure and change it if you need it. For example, if your hair does not have dandruff, shampoo for dandruff hair will cause greater damage to your scalp. You should also choose silicon and paraben-free products if possible.

It will be a good step to find a comb / brush that will not disrupt the building block of your hair. You can use Teezer type brushes. If your hair has natural waves, choose a wide toothed and wood-based comb.

Start using a serum and hair structure that will give life to your hair and will go away from your hair structure. The content of the product you will use should be completely suitable for you. If you want to shine to your hair, you can use an argan oil. However, if you want your hair to look lush, choose a suitable product and apply your hair serum to your moist hair after each bath in a small amount. The trick is to take the product in the palm of your hand in a very small amount and heat the oil provided that your palms rub together. The heated oil in your palm will dissolve and will penetrate the hair more easily.

If your hair doesn’t dance with the glamor and harmony in the advertisements, you need extra attention. The hair processes you make, such as dyes and tongs, are the main reasons for paying extra attention to your hair. There are some tips for this that you can easily apply at home.

You need to get a hair cap and a bottle of coconut oil and a bottle of avocado oil.Once a week, we apply coconut oil and avocado oil to your hair tip, including your hair bottoms, and wait for half an hour with a hair cap. Then wash your hair according to normal routine. If your hair is too oily, this care will work as well once a month without rubbing your hair.

If you want to always do something good for your hair, you can also follow some steps.

Hair peeling can be one of these special steps. When applying hair peels, you can massage the scalp with gentle movements without irritating the skin. Peelings with nourishing oils and specially produced for hair will pamper your scalp.

Even if you like to use your hair for a long time, you should cut a few cm every two months. You can both promote healthier growth and look more lush.

Instead of using very cold water while bathing, prefer warm water so that the pores do not open too much and your hair does not shed.


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