Get inspired by Blake Lively’s blond hair


Inspiration for blond hair: Blake Lively

Blake Lively, the beauty ambassador of L’Oréal Paris, attracts attention with the shine of her hair at the gala and events she attends. Blake Lively, fascinated by her unique beauty, inspires blond-haired women by giving different shapes to her long hair. If you are also interested in practical and stylish hairstyles, we suggest you take a look at the following models!


Wavy hair, one of the best-suited hairstyles for Blake Lively’s oval-shaped face, can be do at home. For this look, it will be enough to blow your hair with a thick oval hair brush. For a more natural style, you can shift your waves to the ends of the hair. You can fix your hair with hair spray after you have blow dry all of your hair.

Straight hair

The famous star prefers to use her hair straight in her daily style. You can also get help with hair straightener for straight hair. Apply the heat-protective spray before straightening your hair. Then start straightening your hair straight from the bottom of your hair to the tip. We recommend you divide it into 4 equal parts to make your hair easier to straighten. You should straighten the nape from the area to the front.

Hollywood wave

Blake Lively also uses this hairstyle, which celebrities often use from red carpet ceremonies. You can also be inspired by this hairstyle when going to special events. For this look, you should curl your hair with a curling iron from ear level. For a more natural hairstyle, combing all of your hair gently will suffice.




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