For men: Brown straight hairstyles


How about adding some movement to your straight hair?

One of the issues that most men with straight hair are the most complainant is lack of volume. It is possible for you to hide this volume deficiency by using different hairstyles and haircuts and even to show your hair more voluminous than it is. How Does? Let’s take you to our article!

1.Undercut haircut

You can get a more voluminous look by choosing the haircut that we call undercut, where the sides and nape are short, the front parts are long.


You can choose this haircut as the bangs that start from the top will add a more voluminous look to your straight hair. Also, after applying styling cream on your hair, you can make a cool look by scattering.

3.Medium long hair

Since the hair is long and straight, a voluminous appearance can occur. Instead, you can choose a cut that has long shorter layers between your long hair.

4.Messy style

The messy hair look is one of the smartest ways to get straight hair in motion! Apply a styling cream to your hair and style your hair with your fingers by lifting the pinch up. That’s it!


You can opt for a haircut with one side longer, the back and sides shorter! It is impossible not to appear “cool” like a gentleman with this hair look!


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