Dry hair care: Tips to restore your hair’s smoothness and shine!


Do you have a look at our suggestions?

As the hair has not dried enough during the winter, the summer season has now become even more dry! Hot air, sun rays, sea salt, chlorine… Unfortunately, all of these are the factors that cause more damage to our dry hair.

So, what should we do to restore the old shine and vitality to the hair, to get the smooth and soft hair of our dreams? Do you have a look at our suggestions?

Feed your hair internally:

You do not need to look at those who have hair that you can not take your eyes from with their shine! 🙂 Their secret is to feed their hair with Omega 3 from the inside as well as from the outside. You can also take Omega 3 fatty acids, which are abundant in oily fish such as salmon, with nutritional supplements. Of course, you should definitely consult your doctor. When you get enough Omega 3 for your body, your dry hair will be much more well-groomed, healthy, shiny. What more do we want? 🙂

Apply the shampoo correctly:

One of the most important advice we can give for dry hair care is to massage while applying the shampoo. When you enter the bathroom, you pour the shampoo into your hair and apply it by fencing, and then rinse? We can not say that he washed his hair correctly with this application, which fled a little “easy”…

To apply the shampoo to your hair in the most correct way, you should first take the shampoo in your palm and then massage it in circular movements and apply it to the scalp. However, when massaging, you should not damage your scalp with your nails, you should do it with your fingertips.

Comb 2 times a day:

The natural oil in the deep hair is actually very useful for your hair strands. You can only make this natural oil reach the hair strands and ends by combing. In the morning and before bed, we recommend combing your hair with the help of wooden combs. When it is combed more, it may cause abrasion in the hair and breakage in the hair ends due to the comb blow. Therefore, it will be enough to scan 2 times a day.

Dry with warm air:

In dry hair care, we recommend that you always let your hair dry after the bath. In cases where you need to dry your hair using a hair dryer, you should definitely dry it by taking it to a warm level.


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