Do you know what your hair needs? Choose the best care!


Still can’t find the care that is good for your hair? You are at the right place!

Are you one of those who constantly change shampoo until you find the best care for your hair? Since every hair type has different needs, it is essential to find the right shampoo for your hair. There are many hair problems from dandruff, shedding problem, oily scalp, to damaged hair and shampoo that provides solutions to this. But if you still haven’t figured out what care will be good for your hair, you can listen to our recommendations!

1.Worn hair

The hair, which is often heat-shaped and treated intensely, begins to wear out, lose its vitality and weaken after a while. If you have damaged hair too, you should use a shampoo that can make your hair repaired day by day and strengthen its structure, and reconstruct your hair with the content of “Bio Seramid”.

2. Shed, weak hair

You want to grow your hair, but can’t you get the hair length you want due to the shedding? We recommend you to try Arginine enriched shampoos, one of the amino acids that play an important role in hair reconstruction. Thanks to this shampoo, your hair will grow stronger!

3.Fractured hair ends

Hair is worn due to processes such as combing hard, tongs and hairdryers and environmental factors, especially the hair ends are broken. Shampoos with Lak 1000 in its formula, which can repair broken hair ends, strengthen hair and prevent the formation of broken hair, are an ideal choice for the problem of broken hair.

4.Dry hair

When the hair cannot get the nutrients it needs, it loses its softness and shine and a dry, matte appearance is formed. By using care shampoos containing nourishing oils, you can nourish your hair from the root to the tip and achieve silky softness and extraordinary shine!

5.Dandruff problem

Dandruff problem, which occurs in seasonal transitions, sometimes periodically, and sometimes due to stress, manifests itself in the form of white rashes and brings itching. You should regularly wash your hair with shampoos that contain Zinc Pyrithione, aimed at the dandruff problem.


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