Discover the secrets of maintaining hair color for a long time


With these suggestions, your hair color can be as bright as the first day!

Nothing can replace the self-confidence we feel when we just dye our hair. We want to feel this feeling for a long time! Because if we do not apply the right care to our hair, our dyed hair loses its vitality in a short time and starts to look pale. By adding the following steps to your care routine, you can keep your hair color much longer.

Invest in the right products

Shampoo and conditioner can be the best friend or enemy of hair color. To make sure that the hair color does not go away, you should choose a suitable shampoo and cream for your hair. Since we want to keep the color of your dyed hair, we recommend that you prefer shampoos and conditioners specially for dyed hair. You can make your hair color last longer by applying a hair mask once a week.

Take care of your wet hair

Your hair is sensitive when wet, so you should be gentle when applying shampoo and cream to protect both the color of your hair and prevent it from breaking. Again, choose to rinse your hair with warm or cold water to ensure the permanence of the hair color. When drying, you should still be very kind to your hair.

Shape smartly

When drying your hair, be careful not to apply too much heat to your hair. Leaving your hair slightly moist will help the ends of the hair not dry out and electrify your hair. After styling your hair, try applying hair care oil to the ends of the hair for extra shine.

Protect your hair

UV rays are one of the factors that damage hair color the most. Protect your hair with hair care products that contain a UV filter. Provide moisture support with a hair mask that nourishes once a week. We also recommend that you avoid direct contact with the sun and keep it away from pool water. Chlorine directly affects hair color and even causes the hair color to turn green. When you want to swim, use a bone to protect your hair.

Make touch-ups

Dye your hair at regular intervals. We recommend dyeing the hair roots every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the appearance of the hair color on the first day. While dyeing the bottoms, it also combs the paint slightly to the ends of the hair, giving your hair a balanced and lively look.


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