Different hairstyles you can easily do


Here are both very stylish and easy hairstyles!

Aren’t you tired of always using the same hairstyles? Do you think it is time to try different hairstyles and different hairstyles? We know that you are using the same hairstyles because it is easy for you. But it is so easy to make the different hairstyles we recommend below that you will be able to do it in seconds. Here are both very stylish and easy hairstyles!

Reverse braided hairstyle

Here is a very different hairstyle, both in terms of creation and appearance: back-braided hair! In this hairstyle, you start knitting the front part of your hair under the chin, in a classic, 3-braided style. You then knit the rest of your hair and continue to knit the other part of the braid. In the final, you can complete the look by taking the braid from the chin to the back of your head.

Twisted braided bun


Different hairstyles look as stylish as they are easy. Here is one of these hairstyles with twisted braided bun! After making a twirl shape on the front hair and gathering it with a rubber buckle on the back, create 2 separate weaves. Then pull these knits sideways to expand them to give them a bun look. You can also fix it with the help of wire buckles.

You can also choose this hairstyle frequently in invitations, and you can make your eyes look elegant. However, in order for the resulting hairstyle to look flawless, it is imperative that your hair is not electrified. For this reason, we recommend that you fix the electrified hair with a spray after creating the entire hairstyle.

Braided half ponytail


Let’s add a little difference to the half ponytail! When different hairstyles are combined with braids, cool looks appear. Braided half ponytail is also practical and also cool hairstyles! Gather a pinch from the front of your hair and knit the sides in herringbone hairstyle. Then create another horsetail under the ponytail and pass it through the braids. You can do this process several times according to the length of your hair and fix your hair.

Half mini braids


Here is a hairstyle you can make while going to the beach, which is suitable for summer months! You separate your hair from the side and knit the front hair on the side you have separated from the side, and on the other hand, you knit a bundle at the back. That’s it! Apply it to your hair without leaving the house, if you are in the city and did not go on holiday, you can also open it with a dryer for the holiday air.

Braided and wavy hairstyle


You have styled your hair with a curling iron, but do you want to achieve a slightly different look? Tiny braids are for you! Separate your hair from the side as much as possible and create a tiny braid on the side where the hair is less, starting from your ear level. You can get a much nicer look by wearing a hair accessory like ribbon at the end of the braid.

Elegant bun model

On the way to work, when you have an important meeting and presentation, you can easily use the elegant knob to achieve a stylish look. To get this bun model, you need to pack your hair on top and split it into two handles. You should give one pin to the bun model and fasten it with wire buckles, knit the other pin and wrap it around the bun. That’s it!

Braided low ponytail


If we ask you which easiest hairstyle is most likely, the answer is ponytail, right? It is very easy to differentiate the ponytail! Knit two strands of your hair from the front backwards and give a cross shape at the back. Then, collect your hair, wrap the braids into the ponytail and fix them with wire buckles. You’re ready!


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