Cool Winter Short Hairstyles 2019

Cool Winter Short Hairstyles 2018
Cool Winter Short Hairstyles 2019

Cool Winter Short Hairstyles 2019

Cool Winter Short Hairstyles 2019 are short haircuts and choppy and have an edgy look. Also colors such as subtle under layers that give the hair a shimmering catchy look are excellent Winter Hairstyles Trends 2019 that will be very popular.

Pixie cuts that are side swept with longish bangs swept to the side so the bangs look sleek but the rest of the hair is layered and smooth with layers that extend downward from the jaw line.

The bangs are flipped across the front quarter of the face so it fully covers a quarter of the face including the eyebrow. The pixie cut may look jagged but it also looks shiny. As you flip your head that ragged uneven fringe flings with vitality.

Winter Short Haircuts

Winter Hairstyle Trends 2018 seem to be in a controlled short hairstyles. Play with a partly up and partly down style that frames the face. Go with a new darker look that looks almost sophisticated and slightly older.

This look is not sophisticated but it is messier and still a bit edgy. Or go with fun hairstyles for 2018 which can be labeled fun and the hairstyles are face framing and the hairstyles tend to make the face look interesting.

Short Hairstyles Trendy Gallery 2019


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