Cool Short Hairstyles for Blond Men


Hair is extremely important to the look, although most men don’t know or pretend they don’t. Instead of constantly using the same haircut and model, you can make a difference with your style by constantly renewing your look. You are very lucky, especially if you have remarkable, blond hair!
If you can’t decide which hairstyle to choose, here are our recommendations!Messy Short Hair
Dirty beard, messy short hair and the result is cool looking! In this haircut, the parts of the hair at ear level are short, the front is long and the top part is shorter. If you are thinking of this type of haircut, a dirty bearded look can accompany your hair.
Mohawk Short Hair
In this haircut, also called Mohawk, the sides of the hair are shaved, only the upper parts are long. The upper part is shaped in a triangular form. You can get this look with the help of hair styling jelly or styling cream.
Back Combed Hair Style
Again, when you style this haircut with short sides and long front parts, you can comb it back and get a very cool and very stylish look. Don’t forget to apply jelly or styling cream to keep your hair steady all day long!
We don’t need to say how popular the Undercut hairstyle is among men! This season, all of the men’s hairstyles have undercut, short sides, long tops with long haircuts.
Punk Hair Style

Punk style hair is ideal for those looking for a different and marginal air! It is enough to style this haircut, where the hair is separated from the side, and the part that has been separated from the forehead is long, with the help of a styling cream.

Long Bangs

Do you think you have a wide forehead? It’s easy! You can hide your forehead with long bangs. You will even love the look that appears when you cut your hair in this style and comb it forward and comb using a styler!


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