Colorful hairstyles for short hair


If you think you can not try this style different hair colors because your hair is short, you are very wrong!

Short haircuts that are very easy to style, wash and care, are for women who are fond of comfort! Or did you cut your hair short? Well, how about doing a slightly different touch to your hair and completing your haircut with colored hair?

If you are curious about our special suggestions, let’s take you to our article! 🙂

Special colored hair for medium to short hair:

If your hair is at the level of the neck, which we call bob cut, you can make colorful touches on the ends of the hair and try colorful ombre styles. Since your hair is long enough, you can try the colored ombre that starts from eye level.

Likewise, you can get very cool looks with pink, blue, turquoise colors that will be applied only on the ends of your hair. For this look, colored hair can start at ear level.

If you want only one part of your hair to be colored, you can paint the lower part of your hair starting from ear level to a different color until the nape. For example, if your hair color is brown, you can try turquoise tones.

Did you want to hear about the Glass hair trend and keep up with this train right away? Combining this cool hair trend with another hair trend rose gold hair color doesn’t sound good, right?

Another suggestion suitable for medium-short hair is to dye their hair in a completely different color and stand out with their appearance! However, since your hair is short, you should paint your hair mostly pastel shades in order to get a brighter look. So you can reach more vivid looks. For example, hair colors in lilac tones are the most ideal options! Of course, if the hair color is in dark tones, you should remember that you should try pastel shades first after turning on the hair color.


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