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Celebrity Hairstyles and Haircuts Advice 2020-2021 , You watch your favorite star walk the red carpet to receive her best actress award and your heart stops in its tracks. It is not the dress that arrested your sight, but her hairstyle; amazingly simple, yet beautiful. However, you will find soon enough if you try it out, that though it looks as if it was fashioned by herself at home, this is a professional work that required a lot of expertise and a lot of work.

How to Choose your Celebrity Hairstyles

Do not panic. You can wear the same celebrity hairstyles provided:

1. your face is basically in the same lines as your favorite celebrity – this is important because, let us say her face is longish like Cher and yours is squarish like that of Sally Fields, the impact of the hairstyle would be different. Therefore you need to choose from among those celebrity hairstyles that have similar facial construction as yours

celebrity hairstyles
beach wave short hair

2. your hair texture is more or less as our favorite star. If the hairstyle you like to emulate is meant for soft and straight hair and you have wavy and frizzy hair, you should not expect to look the same as your hair would respond differently to the hair styling.

Celebrity hairstyles
carmen electra hairstyles braided hairstyle

3. you have a large color photograph to show our stylist. No matter how well you would describe it, your hairstylist would not be able to imagine it just the way you describe it. Neither would he or she be able to make it out if the photograph is cut out from a newspaper clipping. Ensure you have a good and clear photograph of your favorite star where the hair color and style are very clear.

celebrity hairstyles
kim kardashian medium straight formal bob hairstyles

4. use the latest technology. There is a software program which the majority of high-end hair saloons use. With the help of that software you will be able to see how you look with different hair styles right on the computer. All you need is a good photograph of yourself and then with the help of the computer you can try out different hairstyles.

celebrity hairstyles
medium hair margot robbie

5. concentrate hard on the finishing. The best celebrities hairstyles copies are those which have the right finish. Ensure that the end product is a hair style which you could wear comfortably and which looks completely natural.

Celebrity Hairstyles Tips

Before you decide what type of hairstyle you would love to emulate, visit your hairstylist and ask their advice on what would best suit your face and hair. Their advice, as professional is invaluable because they see much further than you could as a lay person. Then take into consideration the following tips:

celebrity hairstyle
selena gomez hairstyle 2019

1. Convenience – copy only those hairstyles that you could maintain without too much trouble by yourself, at home. While initially you would be excited enough not to mind having to put your hair on rollers at night to have the right size of curls in the morning; but in time you would tire of the process.

celebrity hairstyles
taylor swift curly hairstyles

2. Cost – if your hair is straight and you want it to copy the permed look of your favorite star, or vice-versa be aware of the cost involved. The costs often do not stop with the celebrities hairstyles you have copied; these styles would also demand heavy maintenance. Are you prepared for it?

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