Both cool and practical bun styles for short hair


Do you think you can’t make a bun because you have short hair? You can easily make these bun styles!

You will not stay away from bun hairstyle because you have short hair. Don’t worry, you can easily make your short hair bun. The bun will be a great idea for special occasions or emergency plans. We explain all the materials you need to make your hair bun:

– Comb

– Wire buckle (galore)

– Hair spray

– Rubber buckle

Bun models for short hair

If you like fun and different hairstyles, you should definitely try this double bun model. Short hair can also easily try this hairstyle, which is very suitable for spring events, concerts and festivals. First, split your hair in half and find each pin to give a bun look on the nape. If your hair is fine stranded, you can fix your bun with a wire buckle. Thick wires can get a safer result by using rubber buckles.

If you are looking for a classic and elegant bun model, you can browse the hair collected on the nape. Short hair can be hard to make a high bun, and making a bun on the nape will be much more practical for you. We recommend that you spray a lot of hair spray after trying this hairstyle.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that you can use in your natural and daily life, you can choose the messy bun model. This hairstyle, which can also be done by those with bob haircuts, will be the savior of the busy day. First, weave your hair at the back and then braid and give the bun model. Finally, you can fix it around your bun with a hair clip.

Instead of tieing all of your hair, you can look very cool by just collecting half of it. This hairstyle, seen among the 2020 hair trends, will make you look energetic and young. After making half of your hair bun, you can look more natural by styling your underlying hair with foam. Highlight your curls with foam and you’re ready.

If you want to style your hair at home while going to special events, you can try this hairstyle. It is very easy to make this hairstyle at home, which celebrities also prefer on the red carpet. First, take thin tufts behind your ears and bring them back. You should continue this process until the nape of your neck. Finally, give the last pinch of hair left on the nape and give the bun model. We recommend that you fix the hairstyle with hair spray after doing it, otherwise the little hair that comes out may leave you in a difficult situation.


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