Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts Advice 2020-2021 

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Bob Hairstyles and Haircuts Advice 2018

Ever since the first Bob Hairstyles had appeared in Paris in early 20th Century, it has been unmatched in its popularity. Highly popularized as the symbol of the liberalized and independent woman by the then-world famous hair stylist Antonine, today this hairstyle is considered to be one of the most versatile and chic of all.

What Are The Most Popular Bob Hair Cut Today?

This popular hairstyle has traveled a long way from the time of its invention. The traditional bob hairstyles were characterized by jaw length hair, severely cut worn curled inside. Since it literally frames the face, this hairstyle suits almost all types of faces and age groups. Today, the most popular bobs are the angled bob and the inverted bob because they are easy to wear, easy to maintain and offer an excellent modern look to your face.

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The angled bob would have your hair cut in a slight upward angle with the longer side coming in the front. This can give an elegant and sleek look effortlessly to the wearer. The inverted bob, as the name suggests has the hair piled up on the top of the head at the back in the process adding volume to the hair. The lower hairs are thinner which gives a very stylish look to the wearer. If you judge by the popularity of the hairstyles, the inverted bob wins hands down.

Tips For Making The Most Out Of Bob Hairstyles

Today uniqueness is a commodity in high demand and that applies to hairstyles as well. Once upon a time people were looking for trends to follow mostly inspired by rock and film stars; today everybody is a potential trend setter because women out there are not afraid to experiment and try out new styles. Here are some tips that would make your bob haircuts unique and breathtakingly attractive:

1. Mask the thinness of your hair by adding layers to your bob cut. This would add amazing volume to your hair giving your hair a bouncy look.

2. Use jaw length bob cut and wear the hair framing your face closely if you have a large and square face. This would soften the broad lines of the face while at the same time highlighting its best features.

3. Do not get stuck to only one type of hairdo, even if you are in love with bob hairstyles. Try variations from time to time that would give you a magnetic look. Try curling or crimping the hair to get a drastic chic effect. Use temporary perm and gel for that fresh out of the bathroom look which can be deadly on most women.

4. Add highlights to your bob haircut to get a sun-kissed look. Ensure that the first time at least, you get the highlight done by a professional as the placement of the highlight are vital to the resulting looks.

5. Understand the difference between the two most popular bob hairstyles of today: angled bob gives hair volume in the front, while the inverted bob gives volume to the hair at the crown.

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