Best haircut for long hair


Do you have really long hair that you cannot style? Long hair can be a real beauty if styled really well. Here are some of the best haircuts for long hair that would make you look like on top of the world. There are endless possibilities to style your hair and there is various best haircut for long hair as well.

Front layers

If you have naturally long and straight hair, then front layers would be the ideal haircut for you. This is a flattering haircut with a number of fine hairs all over the face. If you have a square jaw line, then try out pieces that are above the cheekbones and if you have a round or an oval face then your face would look best with layers that are beginning from the chin.

Long and subtle hair cut

Have you seen Jennifer Lopez with her long and thin silky strands of hair? This kind of a hair cut on long hair looks really glamorous and out of the world. Long and glossy hair with a side bang or layers at the front looks really appealing and can give you the style movement. Blunt ends of the hair can take the hair look heavy which you may not be able to carry off because of the weight.

Long with bangs

If you want to add bangs to a long hairstyle, then this is a good decision as this is one of the best haircut for long hair. The bangs should create a triangular shape that aligns with the outer corner of the eyes. Your stylist can also snip the ends a bit so that they do not look too straight or too blunt and you could keep it one length or sprinkle in a few light layers as well.


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