Bad Hair Day Saving Hairstyles


Say no to bad hair day!

Some mornings you don’t want to wake up and even look in the mirror … We can guess how these mornings went by. Stop, let us guess before you say it! In the morning of the bad hair day, you first try all the ways you know, such as jelly, hair spray or foam, to shape your hair. If your hair still doesn’t get shaped, eventually you make a tight bun and keep your school or work on the road. But now with the hairstyles we will recommend you, you will provide a great look even on bad hair day 🙂

What is bad hair day?


We are sure that bad hair day is one of the most annoying situations that happened to everyone! Some days when you wash your hair and go to sleep, you may encounter hair that swells the next morning and never gets in shape. Or vice versa, the hair that gets oily quickly the day after washing your hair can still look bad. In short, there is no specific reason for bad hair day. You can wake up in the morning with fluff or vice versa and unshaped hair and say “good morning” to bad hair day. Here, we share with you the hairstyles that come to the rescue for such days 🙂

Braided hairstyles

Braided hairstyles are the leading hairstyles you can choose for bad hair days. Thanks to the braided hairstyle, you can easily control your non-styling hair. If you have long hair especially, you can highlight the volume of your hair with XXL braids.

Bun models

If you want to beat the bad hair day fast, you should give the bun models a chance. Especially the double knob model will provide a pleasant and dynamic appearance.

Use headband

Hair bands are usually the savior of our bad hair days. Comb your hair first, then wear the headband to prevent your hair from coming forward. You can also get fun looks using colorful headbands or scarves.

Ponytail models

Bad hair day does not prevent you from looking perfect! If you want to make your hair ponytail on bad hair day, you can choose the ponytail model on the nape. Do not forget to loosen your hair slightly for a shabby look after gathering your hair at the nape!



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