Bad hair day: Give your hair a chance on the second day


Give your hair a try!

Some days we wake up with bad hair. Fluffy, unformed hair is a nightmare for everyone. It is quite normal for us to wake up with a surprise the next morning, especially if we had our hair curled or wavy blows the night before, unfortunately our hair may not be able to maintain its original volume and waves until the next day.

How can I use it on my hair on the second day?

First of all, you should use hair care oil for your wavy and swollen hair. Thanks to this oil that you apply to the ends and lengths of your hair, your hair will not be electrified and will look brighter and healthier. If you want your hair to look voluminous and plump, you can get a fuller look by applying dry hair shampoo to the hair roots.

Messy ponytail

How about turning your hair shabby and mess to your advantage? You can achieve a natural and shabby hairstyle by making your hair high but shabby ponytail. So your friends will not realize that their hair is on the second day! You can support the shabby look by separating a few tufts from the front of your hair. After making your hair messy ponytail, you shouldn’t forget to fix it with hair spray.


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