5 Tips to Keep Beautiful Hair Healty in Winter 2019

5 Tips to Keep Beautiful Hair Healty in Winter
5 Tips to Keep Beautiful Hair Healty in Winter

5 Tips to Keep Beautiful Hair Healty in Winter

Like the skin, the hair suffers from cold, moisture, lack of sun and frictions of the cap. To keep the shine and volume of your hair in the winter, bet on some beauty tips to adopt daily.

Stop static electricity

In winter, our hair is put to the test. Between the wearing of hats or hoods, the rain, the cold, but also the heat of the hair dryer and the lack of vitamin D of the sun, they are assaulted and weakened.

Static electricity is then readily available on our heads. To avoid this, it is good to use an ionic hair dryer. The negative ions released by the device will neutralize the positive ions of your wet hair. For small alterations in the day, opt for the use of disciplinary sprays, easy to slip into your bag.

Finished dull hair

The lack of sun and the cold make the hair tired and dull. To give them a boost, they need to be protected. A protective shampoo or a spray based on keratin are in this case allies size. When styling your hair, use a little hairspray to fix it but also to make it shiny.

If your hair is dry and brittle, the keratin spray is not recommended, it is better to turn to creams, masks or serums with moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Nourish and moisturize hair

To restore tone to your hair and prevent it from becoming dry and brittle, make baths of vegetable oil (olive, sweet almond, jojoba, coconut …). Soak in lengths and ends, carefully avoiding the roots. Put on a charlotte, or wrap your hair in a cotton towel, and leave for 30 minutes. Finally, rinse and then apply a mild shampoo.

This oil bath can be renewed every 3 weeks or once a month, depending on the nature of your hair. Nourishing your hair is not enough, you will also need to hydrate them because in winter, they dry easily. Use care, and especially special hydration masks.

Adopt good habits

For the hair to stay healthy all winter, there are some habits to take. Do not take out wet hair. First, you risk catching a cold, and most importantly, the hair will react very badly. Cold and water can create frizz and weaken the hair fiber, or even break it if the hair is already sensitive.

For those who have colored hair, the cold on wet hair can even take off the pigments of the coloring. Before going out, take the time to use the hair dryer, but, be careful, not at full power. Indeed, you could damage your hair with high heat. To make them stronger, a small regular cut of the points will do them the greatest good.

Use brewer’s yeast

Brewer’s yeast has beneficial properties for hair and nails. The vitamins B1, B5, B8 and B9 it contains help in the synthesis of keratin. This gives them brightness, volume, makes them grow faster and makes them more resistant. Beer yeast usually comes in tablets, but can also be in the form of flakes that are incorporated into salads or soups.



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